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5 Shifts To Healthy Lasting Love

(with a man that meets you at all levels)

A simple method (that no-one else is teaching) for taking back control of your love life so that you can thrive in all areas of your life


In this masterclass you will learn

In this masterclass you will learn


How to stop wasting time on men who are afraid of commitment, emotionally unavailable, and keep playing games.


Mistakes that many high achieving women make that scare away quality men, and instead attract the wrong type of man over and over again.


The secrets to trigger a man's primal sense of attraction, and have high quality men pursue you wherever you go.


Ultimately, how to find healthy, lasting love with an amazing man, that keeps getting better every day.

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The Global Centre For Healthy Relationships was established as the answer to a call to provide healing and restoration in an increasingly impersonal and disconnected world. The ‘new pandemic’ is loneliness. To overcome this, we need to get back to basics and return to a time when love, trust and acceptance are the core values of society.

We have access to proven techniques and resources in the latest developments in neuroscience and psychotherapy from around the world. The GCFHR offers a safe space where you will learn the art of healthy relationships and develop essential life skills that will change the way you connect with others and change your life forever.

What People Say

Client Love

Two months of working with The Global Centre For Healthy Relationships, some deep soul searching and a lot of guidance and everything has changed! Not only have I met my soul mate but this experience has also up levelled my health, business ventures and friendships!

- Jane

Thank you for everything. You have changed my world! I'm much more confident and realised my true beauty and worth. So much, that I have men flocking to me everywhere I go (it gets a bit much sometimes)

- Tracy-Anne

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